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A Guide to Spotting Manatees (e-Book Free Download)

A Guide to Spotting Manatees (e-Book Free Download)

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"A Guide to Spotting Manatees" is a fun and educational guide that was created for our 2023 Art Contest based on information on our website. Generously donated to be a free digital download on our website, we can now share this awesome e-Book with you!

Please be advised, this download is not for all audiences, parental review is suggested.

About the Artists

Jainey Pickerel

Jainey is an American illustrator from Atlanta, Georgia currently based in Cardiff, UK.
She specializes in character design and worldbuilding and found a lot of joy
characterizing the lovely manatees from Blue Spring State Park! Jainey grew up with a
love for cartoons, fantasy worlds and whimsical characters which feeds their
imagination and passion for drawing.

Jamie England

Jamie is an illustrator from Plymouth, England. They started drawing manatees through a project at university but has grown to become almost obsessed with them since then and is very passionate about their safety.

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